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Metal Chime | Painted Mandala

Metal Chime | Painted Mandala

  • $ 2800

Our fair trade Painted Mandala Metal Chime is made from reused metal and handcrafted using basic machinery, hand tools and traditional skills passed through generations.  The enamel art is done skillfully and completely by hand. Artisans design intricate accents onto the metal using bright colors. This chime is hand painted on both sides.

A unique process of coating the metal with copper shavings and submerging into fire creates a distinct and rustic look. Each bell is hand tuned to perfection.

Strong, durable and beautiful, this piece is coated in a protective color layer and can be sprayed with a clear coat to further preserve color and longevity. Enjoy indoors and outdoors.

Handmade by family artisans in Behat in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India

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