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Eco Paper Prayer Flag | Short Om Lotus

  • $ 300

Made with sustainably harvested eco-paper from Nepal, this Eco Paper Garland of 5 Tibetan prayer flags features 5 Tibetan prayer flags features the sacred Tibetan mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. It is believed prayers and mantras are blown by the wind to spread good will and compassion. Prayer flags encourage us to open our hearts and live more mindfully.  

Lokta paper has been used since the 12th century for book binding, correspondence and reusable gift wrap. It has a soft texture and makes beautiful edges when torn.  

Natural & azo-free dyes

Dimensions: 2.5"sq flag x 13"l 

Crafted by fair trade artisans in Nepal using 2000 year old paper-making techniques.

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