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Hot Drops | Fermented Chili

Hot Drops | Fermented Chili

  • $ 750

Flavorful, spicy, and authentic, this fair trade chili sauce is the perfect table hot sauce. Sprinkle on grilled meat, pizza, pasta, and cheese and tomato dishes for a delicious and distinctive fermented chili kick.

Refrigerate after opening and use within 4 weeks.

4.2 fl oz.

Ingredients: 50% = Serrano & passion chili (48%), vinegar & salt; lemon juice, water, sunflower oil, fermented serrano chili (6%), fermented baby chili pepper (6%), garlic, salt, Bird's eye chili (0.3%), thickener, xanthan gum.

Hand made by Turqle Trading, a collective in South Africa that provides steady employment for nearly 500 small, semi-rural producers and larger manufacturers.

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