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I Am Love Bangle

  • $ 6500

With a shared belief in the possibility of humans to transform ourselves and come together to transform society for the better, model, mother, and environmental advocate, Angela Lindvall, joins forces with ARTICLE22 to create the Peace Begins in Me Collection based on the Sacred Geometry patterns found in nature that underpin our existence and spread the message that we can change the world together if we start with ourselves.


Angela’s mantra, I am love, I am light, I am peace reminds us that peace first begins within each of us.


“I believe that if each of us individually hold the highest space of love and light on a daily basis within ourselves, our actions will reflect this with others in acts of kindness. It is a simple thing we can each do to contribute to a better world.” – Angela Lindvall


Engraved on our signature transformed Peacebomb Al metal