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Kantha Connection Bracelet

  • $ 1200

These Kantha Connection Bracelets are hand made with repurposed textiles. Each comes with a attribute tag sharing what the bracelet symbolizes. Due to the repurposed nature, colors and shades will always vary. Available in a variety of colors & attributes.

Measures .25" stretches to fit most.

Sustainably handmade by women artisans in India.


Unity ~ "encourages harmony and intention. It inspires us to trust that together we are greater than the sum of our parts."

Serenity ~ "transforms our lives with soothing calm and quiet stillness."

Strength ~"reflects our courage to stand up to injustice and illuminate a better path."

Wisdom ~"Wisdom and experience move us towards a more just society. Embrace the knowledge gained when we engage with each other."

Creativity ~"shows us that we are full of limitless possibilities and endless solutions."

Tranquility ~ "gives us the opportunity to feel calm and be a source of peace for others."

Energy ~"is clarity, optimism, and passion in all we do."

Balance ~ "enables us to achieve stability and grounding in our everyday life."

Courage ~"Courage allows us to go beyond our limiting beliefs so we can live our best lives."

Hope ~"reminds us of our limitless potential for the future.

Compassion ~ "nurtures our soul with kindness and empathy.

Growth ~ "challenges us to aspire to greater levels of fairness and sustainability."

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