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Virtuous Circle Earrings Medium .75"

  • $ 9000

These simple elegant circle authentic Peacebomb Al earrings mirror the virtuous circle being completed by the artisans in Laos. Undetonated bombs dropped on their country are being safely removed from the land, and their metal used to create elegant, timeless, meaningful heirlooms that give back to their community-  which allows the cleanup to continue.  75" in diameter, with a high-shine finish.

Your purchase endorses village and community development, as well as the livelihood of traditional Laotion artisans.  The sale of each product also supports continuing de-mining endeavors by MAG (Mines Advisory Group) who are working to expertly clear a portion of the 80 million unexploded bombs tainting the land in Laos. 

$140 clears eight square meters of the landscape in Laos.

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