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Wet Dog Candle | Blue Fir & Spice

  • $ 2800

Wet Dog Candles are inspired by Riley, the rescued dog at the candle studio. Every once in a while she gets soaked in a downpour, or checks out a pond, and she still smells great no matter what...because she's around candles all day long! Originally produced artwork is featured on the labels and includes the name of the woman who made the candle for you. Available in black or amber hued glass container. 

Each purchase helps women artisans and refugees build a brighter future in the U.S.

Blue Fir & Spice ~ Fall Favorite

  • pine needles 
  • cedarwood,
  • bright citrus
  • spice

Dimensions:  3” W x 3” H

Burn time: about 50 hours

Container: recyclable glass 

Ingredients: Natural soy and coconut wax. 100% cotton wick. Premium fragrances with essential oils. Free of dyes or enhancers.

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