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Zambeezi Soap | Spearmint

  • $ 700

Brighten your day every time you shower! The minty fresh aroma of this soap will awaken your senses, readying you for your next adventure.

Thoughtfully crafted, each fair trade bar invites you to reimagine your daily routine. The soaps' natural aromatics will leave you feeling as if you've stepped into an open basil field in the heart of Zambia, Africa.  

Organic beeswax and sunflower oil provide a skin softening foundation and palm kernel oil creates a lather unparalleled by other soap bars. Paired with locally sourced essential oils, your skin is guaranteed to be reinvigorated. 

Ingredients: saponified sunflower oil, saponified palm kernel oil, organic beeswax, spearmint oil, moringa leaf powder, distilled water

Ethically hand crafted by fair trade artisans in Zambia, Africa.


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