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American Kestrel Quilling Card

American Kestrel Quilling Card

  • $ 1100

This intricate American Kestrel greeting card is also a stunning work of art that can be cherished, framed, and displayed forever! As a true symbol of pint-sized power, the American Kestrel may be the smallest falcon in North America, but it often preys on animals it's own size or larger. Perfect for the birdwatching lover, falconry friend, or to inspire someone who needs to take on something challenging, this quilled Kestrel sits on a branch scanning below. It’s made of blue, brown, and dark orange paper strips that are shaped and arranged to represent the body and is finished with the classic white patch on the bird's head.

One of the passionate team of 300+ artisans in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam meticulously handcrafts each design. Giving the gift of a Quilling Card is sharing a beautiful lost art form, possibly dating back to ancient Egypt. It is thought the origin and name of this art comes from coiling paper around birds' feathers, or quills.

This fair trade company provides a community of talented women the opportunity to sustain a living wage, safety in their work environment, and healthcare for themselves while loving their craft and the outlet of creativity.

Blank inside. Envelope included. Extra postage required.

Dimensions:  6" x 6"

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