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Boat Basket | Adaba

Boat Basket | Adaba

  • $ 6800

Our fair trade Adaba Boat Basket has a roomy design and is perfect for carrying produce and more, storage or as colorful decor. The vibrant colors of this natural Bolga basket are eye catching. They are called Bolga baskets because of the region where they are crafted - Bolgatanga in northern Ghana. The bright colors and boat-shaped design give this basket its distinct African flair!
Each beautiful and unique basket is handwoven with elephant grass by talented women artisans in Ghana.  They use traditional techniques, colors, patterns and feature leather-wrapped handles.  Please note that the size, shape, and color may vary due to handmade nature.

Approximately  20"h x 16"w x 11"d.

Your purchase supports the indigenous livelihoods of Ghana's poorest residents, empowering them to earn a sustainable income through entrepreneurship and export of their crafts.

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