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Boho Headband | Moon Goddess | Eco Black

  • $ 1600

Purity, love and wisdom are symbolized by the triple moon design of our Moon Goddess Boho Headband. The triple moon goddess is a sacred symbol showing three phases of the moon and three phases of a woman's life. The maiden embodies purity & pleasure (represented by the new waxing moon), the mother embodies love, power & self-care (represented by the full moon) and the crone embodies wisdom & culmination (represented by the waning moon). Connect to the triple goddess in you!

SIZE: 9" wide X 8" tall (laying flat) - fabric can stretch from 18" to 26" in circumference

COLOR: Eco Black

50% Organic Cotton.
50% Recycled Plastic OCS (Organic Content Standard).
Certified Polyester is made from post-consumer plastic beverage bottles.
Made in the USA.
Knit fabric.
Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or line dry.

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