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Capiz Chime | Lotus Chakra

Capiz Chime | Lotus Chakra

  • $ 4400

This stunning lotus chakra chime is handmade with capiz, beads, wire, and chains. Each of the 7 main energetic chakras are represented with colored capiz shell strands, creating a balancing and visually pleasing effect. Delightful addition to an outdoor or indoor space. 

Capiz shells are the outer shell of a marine mollusk more commonly known as windowpane oysters. Philippine capiz shells are so named because they were originally harvested from the shallow coastal waters near the town of Capiz, on the island of Panay. Once cleaned, the shells are naturally translucent and when painted, allow for a glorious interplay between light and color.

Dimensions: Approx 10" Wide x 30" Long

Handmade in the Philippines.

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