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Solid Brass Door Chime | Empress

Solid Brass Door Chime | Empress

  • $ 4200

The intricate and classic detailing of this alluring chime is inspired by a Tibetan charmbox cover. Within these boxes, or 'gao' are blessed objects carried for protection or kept on a family altar. All bells and elements of this chime are hand-cast in solid brass.

Artisans hand-tune each bell with care. This ensures a tone and clarity of sound reminiscent of the unique and melodic resonance of the famous temple bells in Tibet. 

Strung on durable,  waxed cotton cord, it can be hung in full exposure of the elements or in a protected area where it can last a lifetime.

Size: Approx 12"h

Handmade by Tibetan and Indian fair trade artisans in northern India.

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