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Newari Nun’s Sandalwood & Jasmine Incense

Newari Nun’s Sandalwood & Jasmine Incense

  • $ 600

Our fair trade Newari Nun's Sandalwood & Jasmine Incense is a particularly enjoyable blend. Each stick is made by hand with care by a group of Newari Nuns who use the money from their sales to support their Nunnery. Incense is an important part of Tibetan and Nepali life. Recipes are recorded in prayer books and use specific ingredients for meditation and healing.

Because it is pure incense, there is no stick.  Best to burn while laid in a bed of sand or it can be pushed into the soil of a plant. 

Do not use near anything flammable and should be used in a ventilated space.

50 sticks, 7 inches

Handcrafted by Newari Nun fair trade artisans in Nepal.

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