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Original Story Bangle

  • $ 3800


This is the original product in the Peacebomb line by Article 22, a piece of history, made from Vietnam War shrapnel and other debris upcycled by fairtrade artisans into modern heirlooms that now help to clear unexploded bombs from their homeland and make a positive impact.  Each one is engraved - “dropped and made in Laos” telling the true story of their creation.  A virtuous circle.

STD is the best selling size for women. Place your knuckles flat against a ruler, measure the width of your pointer knuckle to pinky knuckle to determine your size. 3” or less - choose SML or STD | 3.5” - choose LRG | 4" - choose XLG

Your Peacebomb purchase endorses village and community development, as well as the livelihood of traditional Laotion artisans.  The sale of each product also supports continuing de-mining endeavors by MAG (Mines Advisory Group) who are working to expertly clear a portion of the 80 million unexploded bombs tainting the land in Laos.  $70 clears four square meters of the landscape in Laos.

Each piece gives back to support traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, community endeavors and further de-mining efforts. 


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