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Repurposed Wool Animal | Donkey

  • $ 3400

This sweet donkey is a special part of our Repurposed Wool Animal collection. Each little masterpiece is handmade from scraps of wool that is obtained from the sheep of the artisan community that crafts them!
The wool is washed, carded, spun and finally dyed and ready for the handweaving process on a back strap loom. The cloth that is created is used for clothing and the scraps from that process are collected and used to make these wonderful animals.  Every animal is shaped, hand-sewn with love and stuffed to bring the magic to life.  These fun friends are coming from artisan's homes into yours!

Due to the repurposed and handmade nature, each piece is unique, with no two being the same.  Please leave us a note if you have a color preference and we'll do our very best to find you a lovely match.

Size: approx.  3"w x 7"h x 3"l

Handmade by small scale artisans in Mexico following fair trade guidelines. 

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