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Balsamic Reduction | Rooibos & Honey

Balsamic Reduction | Rooibos & Honey

  • $ 1075

This savory balsamic combines an undertone of Rooibos, a comforting red African tea, with sweet honey.  This delicious blend is recommended for dipping pita or artisanal breads and is also a great garnish for grilled chicken or pork loin. 8.5 fl oz. (250ml)

Dark grape vinegar, dark brown sugar, dark balsamic vinegar, liquid glucose, apple/grape fruit concentrate, Fynbos honey (5%), modified starch E1422, Rooibos flavor (0.1%), antioxidant: suplur dioxide E220, colorant: caramel E150d.

Hand made by Turqle Trading, a collective in South Africa that provides steady employment for nearly 500 small, semi-rural producers and larger manufacturers. 


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