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Solid Perfume | Quoth The Raven

  • $ 2600

Orange, clove, and cinnamon spice, this solid perfume scent is awfully nice! Inspired by luxuriously long hours spent reading, this Quoth The Raven scent will remind you of the Raven's undying thirst for knowledge.

To use a solid perfume, simply scrape a small amount of the mixture with your fingernail or applicator, and apply to wrists and behind the ears. Try using a tac-sized amount and layer on more as needed. 

Reusable, zero waste tin, approx net weight: 1 oz.

Dimensions: 2"l x 2"w x .05"h

Ingredients: candelilla wax, coconut oil*, grapeseed oil+, cocoa butter*^, shea butter*^, essential oil blend (orange, cinnamon, clove) *certified organic  ^certified fair trade +certified non-gmo

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