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String Doll | Click Beetle

  • $ 1200

Click Beetle from the Kamibashi String Doll Gang® collection is expertly hand crafted from one piece of string and durable enough to use as a keychain, bag charm, or however you see fit!

The Click Beetle is so named because of its ability to click a muscle in its sternum and bounce up in the air to avoid predators or just get back on its feet when  it has flipped onto its back.  Therefore, our little string version gives you the power to bounce back and land on your feet!

With over 100 unique characters to choose from, each has a special, good-luck power that is written on a fabric tag, making them a wonderful and collectible gift for yourself and everyone you know.

Apollo 11 makes sure that all of your travels are out of this world!

  • Doll size: approx 2"-3"
  • Includes lobster claw keychain (see photo example)

Hand made by fair trade artisans in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

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