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String Doll | Krampus

  • $ 1200

Krampus from the Kamibashi String Doll Gang® collection is expertly hand crafted from one piece of string and durable enough to use as a keychain, bag charm, or however you see fit! With over 100 unique characters to choose from, each has a special, good-luck power that is written on a fabric tag, making them a wonderful and collectible gift for yourself and everyone you know.

Krampus is an imaginary Christmas character that dates back to the 12th century in Germany and other Alpine countries in Europe. He is traditionally a devil-type figure with cloven hooves instead of feet, and long horns atop his head, along with fangs and a forked long tongue. On the night of December 5th, the Krampus would go door-to-door and snatch up any bad children, put them in his basket, and bring them back to the underworld with him. The very next morning, St. Nicholas Day, St. Nick would come through and leave candy and treats for the good children Krampus left behind. This legend has regained popularity in recent years, and many towns in Europe have a Krampusnacht festival where townspeople dress as the monster and chase naughty children around.

  • Doll size: approx 2"-3"
  • Includes lobster claw keychain (see photo example)

Hand made by fair trade artisans in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

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