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String Doll | Numb Bunny

  • $ 1200

Numb Bunny from the Kamibashi String Doll Gang® collection is expertly hand crafted from one piece of string and durable enough to use as a keychain, bag charm, or however you see fit!

Numb bunny is the creation of Gus Fink - the artist behind boogily heads and many other creatures. Numb Bunny helps you shut out the noise and vibrate on a higher level - keep him around for when things get hectic and you need to rise above!

With over 100 unique characters to choose from, each has a special, good-luck power that is written on a fabric tag, making them a wonderful and collectible gift for yourself and everyone you know.

  • Doll size: approx 2"-3"
  • Includes lobster claw keychain (see photo example)

Hand made by fair trade artisans in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

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