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Himalaya Box Incense

Himalaya Box Incense

  • $ 800

Our Himalaya Box Incense is a particularly enjoyable blend! This incense is composed of 36 different spices and aromatic substances of which nagi, saffron, red and white sandalwood, form a part. The preparation of TRANTRA (ritual incense) is one of the traditional arts of Nepal.  The excellence of TANTRA however, is not merely in the purity of it's ingredients, but in the manner of it's formulation as well. It is prepared with great care and in accordance with the traditions preserved through the centuries within the monastic orders of Nepal.

Because it is pure incense, there is no stick.  Best to burn while laid in a bed of sand or it can be pushed into the soil of a plant. 

Do not use near anything flammable and should be used in a ventilated space.

12.5 inches, 44 sticks

Handcrafted by monastic order artisans in Nepal.

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