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Spice Grinder | Zanzibar Island Spice

Spice Grinder | Zanzibar Island Spice

  • $ 825

A tasty mixed spice with sesame, sea salt, fennel and coriander seeds and more. Adds delicious flavor to potatoes, couscous and meats. All bottles topped with built-in grinder to unlock the freshest flavor. Bottle decor is made by people with cognitive disabilities. 

2.1 oz. (60g)

Sea salt, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, aniseed, cassia (a variety of cinnamon), ginger, clove, garlic, onion, star

Hand made by Turqle Trading, a collective in South Africa that provides steady employment for nearly 500 small, semi-rural producers and larger manufacturers.

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