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Loose Leaf Tea Tin | Purple Jasmine

  • $ 1600

Purple Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea is light & floral with tasting notes of spring Jasmine & honey. Antioxidant-rich purple tea offers a healthy choice to sugary additive-filled drinks. Purple tea has twice the antioxidants of green tea and half the caffeine. Re-steep for a second cup!

This 3.5 oz tin makes 40 cups and comes with a hand-carved teaspoon.

Ingredients: Jasmine Green Tea, Kenyan Purple Tea, Jasmine Blossoms, Cornflower Blossoms (gluten/sugar-free and low caffeine).
Made in the Nandi Hills of Kenya by small-scale tea farmers employed by JusTea, an organization that creates new jobs, helps farmers and sustains rural communities.

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