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Loose Leaf Tea Trio Tin | Herbal

  • $ 2000

This Loose Leaf Trio Tin features our top selling herbal tea flavors: Chamomile Dream, Little Berry Hibiscus, and Peppermint Detox.

Each tin is recyclable or reusable and offers up to 30 cups per flavour (90 cups/trio).  Each cup can be re-steeped for double the value!  Attached to each tin is a handcrafted, olive-wood tea spoon, creating sustainable employment for Kenyan artisans.

These hand-picked teas from Kenya are organically grown and free of chemicals and pesticides.  Non-GMO and Fair Trade Federation verified.

Made in the Nandi Hills of Kenya by small-scale tea farmers employed by JusTea, an organization that creates new jobs, helps farmers and sustains rural communities.

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